<div id="__kantu_mark__"></div>


Why every time I edited a page on Wordpress the following code is added to my html?

I have Kantu Browser automation installed to my Chrome, but I have nothing from you installed on my Wordpress. It looks strange to have this added code to my pages. I can see it when editing as “text” on WP.


Ok, that is strange. I checked the kantu source code and found it the culprit. => We will investigate this issue further.

const markBody = () => {
  // Note: this is a sign for exported html to tell if kantu is loaded on that page
  const $root = document.body || document.documentElement
  const $div  = document.createElement('div')
  $div.id = '__kantu_mark__'

Div container automatically added to WYSIWYG Editor field

Ok, thanks for the quick answer. Let me know if you need additional information from myself and if you need me to run some tests.


One additional information: every time I update a Wordpress post, a new

line is added. So it’s cumulative. It has been always at the end of the post


Is there a public wordpress website/editor where we could test this?


This one worked for me. And i got the same problem: https://www.shivarweb.com/tools/shivarweb-sandbox-for-wordpress/


this is not Wordpress but editor problem.
i have Joomla with TinyMCE and same issue.

and if u run script it even worse, because u will have not single but multiply div’s (depend on number of recorded actions i guess)


Good news: The issue is fixed now with V3.5.5 - thanks to everyone in this thread for the helpful information! :+1: