<div id="__kantu_mark__"></div>

Why every time I edited a page on Wordpress the following code is added to my html?

I have Kantu Browser automation installed to my Chrome, but I have nothing from you installed on my Wordpress. It looks strange to have this added code to my pages. I can see it when editing as “text” on WP.

Ok, that is strange. I checked the kantu source code and found it the culprit. => We will investigate this issue further.

const markBody = () => {
  // Note: this is a sign for exported html to tell if kantu is loaded on that page
  const $root = document.body || document.documentElement
  const $div  = document.createElement('div')
  $div.id = '__kantu_mark__'

Ok, thanks for the quick answer. Let me know if you need additional information from myself and if you need me to run some tests.

One additional information: every time I update a Wordpress post, a new

line is added. So it’s cumulative. It has been always at the end of the post

Is there a public wordpress website/editor where we could test this?

This one worked for me. And i got the same problem: https://www.shivarweb.com/tools/shivarweb-sandbox-for-wordpress/

this is not Wordpress but editor problem.
i have Joomla with TinyMCE and same issue.

and if u run script it even worse, because u will have not single but multiply div’s (depend on number of recorded actions i guess)

Good news: The issue is fixed now with V3.5.5 - thanks to everyone in this thread for the helpful information! :+1: