Distinguish error on !errorignore

I am using ‘store | true | !errorignore’ before ‘csvReadArray | myfile.csv | myArray’
How can I distinguish the error ‘file not found’ from ‘Number of columns is inconsistent’?

Number of columns is inconsistent is a hard error and you must fix before su run the macro.

A good job can not be do with “Number of columns is inconsistent”.

Repair your csv to avoid “Number of columns is inconsistent”

Asked more general:

1.) How can I distinguish, which particular error occured, if I have !errorignore = true?

2.) How can I check, if a file exists? (FileAccess XModule is installed)

  1. There is not a solution to identify the error, the only solution I think is external software to read the log and detect the type errors.

  2. This is not a ui vision work, you can try with batch file or python of powershell

Need external solution to do these works.

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ok, thank you.
I am loading a user csv and updating it. It might not be there, thus has to be created/initialized, or the user might have tampered the current file. I share a short Powershell script that changes the delimiter from ; to , and takes care that all rows have the same field count. Btw it doesn’t work as a one-line-pipeline, just in case s.o. wonders:

param ($filename)
$v = (import-csv $filename -Delimiter ";")
$v | export-csv -Delimiter ',' -NoTypeInformation -Path ${filename}

If you switch to hard drive mode you can use csv in your machine and need not to import.

In this mode ui vision use csv saved in your hard disk

Need to install xmodules to do this