Discount for Academic Use?

I have sent several requests for any pricing for academic use but have not received a response. I, unfortunately, can’t expense my purchase of UI.Vision PRA Pro/Enterprise, so I will have to pay out of pocket. It will really help our team in a project we are working on for online course design. Is there any information on your site regarding educational discounts?

Why need pro version ?

With free version you can automate 99% of sites without any problem.

Yes, we have educational discounts :slight_smile:

It is strange that you did not receive a reply. Please write again and mention this forum post.

True. But what many users appreciate in the PRO/Enterprise version is - for example - the direct file access. This allows them to easily manage their macros and test cases with source control software.

Thank you for that answer. That is the exact reason I need it. I have more than 10 Macros that I need to store locally so I can share them across computers and across browsers. I specifically need the csv files that to be stored locally.


Hi @jed, thanks for the nice feedback. I just replied to your email. But I noticed that we also replied to your previous message, so I guess the first reply was lost somehow. So if you do not get an email in the next minutes, please let us know.

Very strange… I am getting the notifications in my email regarding these posts, but I’m not getting the direct replies you are sending me. Nothing in my junk mail either.

Yes, strange. I just resent it to your Gmail address.

Got it. Thank you very much!