Disable History


Possible feature request, or if this is already possible, let me know;

Ability to not have anything recorded in the browser history of this extension. I always delete it from the history the first time I open the page, but due to the fact that the popup window changes the title in a macro loop when a new page is loaded (tab name), it adds itself again to the history. Could you make it so that it is not added to the history at all? Or not update the title so that 1 time deleting it is enough?


Your question is not clear what does it mean? add pictures to better explain what you mean.

With Kantu i delete all cookies and cronology with a macro and do not remain nothing.

i just don’t want the kantu chrome extension showing up in the browser history, that’s all. Now there is an entry titled “UI.Vision.Kantu 5.2.3 - (Tab: Tab Name)” with the extension identifier in the browser history.

I use kantu but i do not see any kantu history.

What is kantu history ?

Disable History in browser and do not show nothing.

i would appreciate no browser history for this extension as well, we should be able to run the macros without having anything show up in the history (related to the extension). I still want to see the browsing history, just not the kantu page in it.

I do not see any command to do this, sorry

I think it’s impossibile to do this actually.

Here commands list


I do not see nothing about history browser.

that’s why it’s a feature request :slight_smile:

In my opinion it is a useless function, I do not think that a similar function will be implemented in kantu that does not carry any interest.

There is a long list of useful features to add in kantu and some have been waiting for 6 months and are essential to automate, I doubt that your request has a interestn and that will be taken into account.

Good luck

it’s not a big change to add, chrome has methods to remove the history of a specific site so if the @admin would consider it, that would be great :slight_smile:

Look for some addons to customize the browser history, I do not know if it exists, I doubt very seriously that such a function is inserted in Kantu considers that there are many functions still waiting even for 6 months, so I think if you wait for a one to work similar will be introduced in Kantu will spend a lot of time since very important functions are still waiting.

I’m waiting proxy support in kantu from 6-8 months for example.

@kankan Can I ask why you need such a feature? I don’t see any benefit of removing the history. If you do not want the history to be recorded, you can runt the browser and UI Vision in private mode.

@newuserkantu Proxy support is in development right now :wink:

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@admin - I’m doing a job for a client which requires I log in to his google account and sync the browser history (google chrome). I can’t disable the history, he wants to see it :slight_smile: If I do that, kantu shows up when I want to automate something. I don’t want the client to see that, for obvious reasons :slight_smile: