Difficulty targeting textarea on new Facebook post to assign text

When using Facebook’s standard new-post api, the id of the textarea where the text for the post goes (labeled as “Say something about this…”) is different every time. This means I can’t use the type command with a target of id=“the-textarea-id”
I’ve found that the javascript command:
document.getElementsByName(“xhpc_message_text”)[0].value=“the text I want in the post”
works perfectly.
How would I implement that in my macro? Would I somehow use executeScript_Sandbox?

Facebook’s api is even sneakier than as stated in my question. I’ve since found out that the textarea doesn’t exist as a textarea element until it’s clicked on. When it’s clicked on, an event fires and only then does it become an element.
So I believe that it’s not possible to use UI.Vision RPA to automate the creation of Facebook posts with an auto created post message… unless anyone knows differently???

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