Detected by Facebook?

Good evening everybody! I’m using Kantu for a while now and i finished a couple weeks ago a bunch of macro that enables me to perform some actions on Facebook.

I used those macro for weeks but now my account are starting to die like flies and i was wondering if UI.Vision RPA can be detected by Facebook and flagged as UN-Human user

I’m using ONLY Xtype, Xclick and visualSearch to interact.
If i need to store a variable i’m using the sandbox.

Is there any chance that all my account are dying because of some detection?

During test i also tried to auto register to GMAIL, i could do everything though at the end of registration Google always ask me to put a mobile phone number to continue (that doesn’t happen if i do it manually)

Thanks for any help

…if you do it manually, then the UIvision extension is still installed in the browser, or? (just not used)

I’m sorry i wasn’t clear

When i say “if i do it manually” i mean that i manually type every information inside google in order to create the account
When i do like a “normal user” i have no problem opening a gmail account without mobile number verification

BUT if i run the typing using UI Vision RPA i always receive the mobile number verification

Thanks for your help

Did you add PAUSE in between the actions?

Facebook knows how quickly you’re completing your tasks. If you perform many actions too quickly FB possibly will delete your account.

Advice: make that your macros act as human in terms of speed.

If you aren’t using a proxy/VPN then you’re always connecting from the same IP. FB will detect that too.

Good morning Lucia, thanks for your reply

Yes I’m using a dedicated proxy for each account I’m controlling

Instead of adding a pause from command to command I placed the replay speed to low so that it would be much similar to human interaction as possible

The only thing I can’t do is to “type as a human” because the xtype command send the whole string all together.

Any advice?

I placed the replay speed to low

Or make it random with Pause? I am sure it is quite easy for FB to detect if certain actions always happen in exactly the same time interval.

“type as a human”

You could create a like subroutine (with RUN) that types each letter separately… XTYPE already types each letter separately but maybe too fast for your purpose :wink:

Thanks for you help Plankton, i will implement random pause before each action right now!

Regarding the “Type as human” i have only one problem:
The phrases that i type are taken from a csv randomly and i’m not quite sure how to split those phrases

An example:
CSV Extract take this phrase
“You are my love”

How can i do something like
Xtype “You”
Xtype “are”
Xtype “my”
Xtype “love”
Is it possible?

Another solution for me could be using only one-word phrases, that could help!


Implemented every random pause and i used for 90% of my script only “single word” phrases

I thought another trick to use multi word phrase, for future reference the idea is (i make an example):
Hi, Hello, Hola
everybody, folks, mate, people, ppl
i’m, i am,, iam
new, a new
Add me


The cause of the ban of fb is not ui vision because I used on fb for a long time ui vision without any problem I also used it to post and add friends so ui vision is not the problem.

Now fb always in any case of new account requires verification so it is normal.

Many of the problems depend on the proxies and the user agent, and the intersections of these are identified for this (is very easy detect if you use a proxy in elite proxy too).

Thanks for your reply, it’s lovely to know that uivision can be undetected there.

I switched a couple days ago to luminati proxy with dedicated ip for every account i control
Regarding proxy detection, i’m using WebRTC Leak chrome extension in order to hide my real IP that belong to Microsoft/AWS or any other service provider which could make me easily detectable.

You make me think about user agent though, i’m not exposing it through the proxy and probably i should!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Exist an hardware fingerprint detection of dns impossibile to block and never proxy/vpn can bypass this.

It’s very easy to detect your machine if you use proxy or vpn (very easy) do not detect your real ip but detect if you use proxy/vpn o browser manipulation and block you.

I tested elite premium proxy but to block hardware detection via dns there is nothing to do because this fingerprint analyze the tcp packet (not your browser with proxy), if you create a virtual machine with different OS fingerprint of dns bypass and continue to detect real OS.

It’s a long discuss but you can not hide if you use a proxy it’s very simple to detect your and block you there are more tools advanced to detect this (no chance to bypass fb or google).


I suggest you to use mobile 4 g proxy italian (I think you are italian) and do not use proxy of world.

There are some company in Italy that provide italian mobile 4G proxy with sim (Vodafone, Tim, Wind Tre) with unlimited giga for social network and are recommended for social promotion because it will be used with mobile connections.

Thanks for taking the time to tell me about that!
Actually i know everything about it :slight_smile:

Since i discovered it many months ago, as an IT Guy (IT doesn’t stand for ITalian even if i actually am italian!!), i’ve been really curious about it.

I would love to have a chat with you about it, i may give you back the help letting you discover a couple tricks that i’m testing in the last few months.

If you’d like add me on skype

Hear you soon! :slight_smile:


I searched you on skype but i do not find you by username.

Can you send me a message private with exact skype contact please ?


I placed the link here because it seems that i can’t send PM, probably cause i’m new @newuserkantu

I added you on skype, I suggest you to edit or delete the skype link in the forum to prevent spammers.

I have my skype name domain name .com and I leaved you a message in your language to identify me.