For the Xclic command to work in Desktop UI mode -vision must do a desktop_screenshot to scan the location.

Except on one of my computer the screen capture does not work and the Xclic and OCR commands therefore do not work …

How to debug or install the options for Xmodule to run the last_desktop_screenshot before Xclic commands.

Scrrenshots directory remains empty?

What operating system(s) are you using?

What error messages do you get?

Hello, thank.

  1. Os is Windows Server 2012 Standard 2013 Microsoft


  1. no error and the screenshot is empty

is empty which does not allow to launch Xclick commands

The problem relates to the screen capture before making the Xclick or the OCRxxxx. no hard copy == no Xclic …

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And the graphic tool is installed ok ?

Ah, that explains it. We do not support Windows Server 2012, so we never test on it. It has a different (older) graphics API, so screenshots do not work there.

For Windows we support:

Windows 2016/2019/2022 Server, Windows 7/10/11

Hello, Admin , thank for you help.

Yes, the “Windows 2012 R2” It’s really painful on the screenshot part

I installed java JRE 8 then install the Experience user roles to finally miraculously obtain a working screenshots.

From the moment I rectify the screenshot part everything is back to normal.

I think we will have to add a tool to validate whether or not the server is in working order before installing Xmodules.

In order not to have any surprises related to a way the Screenshot part works or to be able to choose the external screenchot tool to use, in short everything works fine once this external problem has been resolved.
Or at least more explicit messages
“The screensht did not work see your administrator”
Thanks for your help.

I want to buy a PRO license in a while, does the license allow operation on a single machine? or for one user or for the whole company for a volume?

In short, I haven’t quite understood the prices?

Best Regards.

Thanks for posting the workaround!

(1) PRO license: 1 user (running on one machine at a time, it can be installed on more than one machine)

(2) Enterprise license: 5 users (running on 5 machines at the same time, it can be installed on more than 5 machines)

(3) If you want to run the automation for the whole company, I recommend the Special Player Bundle, it includes the Enterprise Edition plus unlimited Enterprise Player