Desktop automation X,Y coordinates program

Just putting this out there that I found this great little opensource program for Windows to get your x,y coordinates for your XClick in desktop automation. It’s a good compliment to UIVision. The great thing about it is it will give your both the physical x,y and the scaled x,y coordinates. Great for those high DPI monitors:

Thanks, this is very useful! The only problem is that it is Windows only. If someone knows a similar program for Mac, please let us know.

Just to answer my own question:

  • Windows: MPos (as suggested above by @User9898) or MousePosition both work well. MPos shows additional info like screen DPI. MousePosition is faster and has a cleaner UI.

  • For Mac, one can simply use the built-in screenshot tool (Shortcut: CMD+SHIFT+4). It shows a cursor with the x/y coordinates.

  • For Linux, we use xdotool getmouselocation --shell

:point_right: Important: XClick|x,y coordinate systems:

  • In browser automation mode XClick uses relative coordinates, so XClick | 0,0 refers to the top left corner of the browser viewport (see browser xy tools).

  • In desktop automation mode XClick uses desktop coordinates, so XClick | 0,0 refers to the top left of the main desktop.

If you use an XPath, image or OCR=text with XClick, then UI Vision manages the different coordinate systems automatically. You only need need to keep it in mind when you manually set x/y.