Desktop automation how minimize browser and window ui vision?

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I need a suggestion when i create a desktop automation i need to minimize browser and ui vision rpa window what is the best solution to do this ?

If i have calc.exe opened in windows desktop I need to minimize browser and ui vision rpa window to have focus on calc.exe to use xclick and xtype with image recognition on my desktop.

Exists a reverse of bringBrowserToForeground command ?

How i can minimize browser and ui vision windows to have in focus calc.exe or on my desktop ?

What is the best solution to have the focus in desktop to use desktop automation of ui vision rpa ?

Thanks for suggestion

My experience with UI.Vision on Windows suggests that when UI.Vision opens an application, it should open it in the foreground. Interesting that the calc.exe program appears behind the UI.Vision window.

I have had problem with this on the macOS but since part of the window is visible, I just use XClick to click on the parts of the window that is visible.

I haven’t tried this before, but you can try using XType and send in the Alt-Tab keystrokes? If you press Alt-Tab once, it should bring you to the most recent application.

Let me know how it goes.


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Hi, similar to what @steven suggested, on Windows you can use the Use Win+D shortcut with XType to display and hide the desktop. Similar shortcuts exits on Mac and Linux.

Having said that, a bringBrowserToBackground command that minimizes the UIvision IDE and the browser could be useful. => We are looking into this.

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Having a native command in ui vision to reverse bringBrowserToForeground will be appreciated because if I have more softwares opened I prefer to minimize browser and ui vision rpa only not minimize all opened software with a shortcut.

The easy way i found is open software with Xrun to have it in front but sometimes this is not possibile because software is already opened in desktop.

I hope you can add a command to minimize the browser and the ui vision window.