Desktop app launch

Hi Guys (and Gals), I’m back! … I’m trying to launch an app from the desktop. Visual Search in Desktop automation can see the app but XClick clicks it once (nothing happens). How can I doubleclick it so it will run?

In that same thought, is there a way to execute a dos script from within Kantu?

so you just want a double click ?

  "Command": "XClick",
  "Target": "icon.png",
  "Value": "#doubleclick"

@kocei answered the question already (=> use #doubleclick). In addition, you asked:

Another option is that you use a scripting language of choice (e. g. VBS, Powershell or Python) and use it to launch the app and then launch/run UI.Vision via its command line api.

In that same thought, is there a way to execute a dos script from within Kantu?

Not yet, but very soon. We are working on this already :slight_smile:

Just by curiosity, isn’t it possible to launch the dos command via execute_script and using js, ``` ?

@kocei Nice idea! - but as far as I know only IE supports ActiveX. Our own solution will be using the XModules, so it will work on Win, Mac and Linux, and of course in Chrome and Firefox.

Geeze guys, you think I couldn’t find the #doubleclick somewhere on the Kantu sites?

And as replied through mail, I don’t know the execute_script command, JS, or and I do not think I have Activex running.

Meanwhile here is my script and log so you can see for yourself.

As far as I can tell, Kantu executed the commands since the log shows no errors. But the app did not launch.

Tried it. working perfectly for me.

well its not working for me. Here it is again, this time I am trying to launch Google Chrome.

And with this execution, I am simply trying to open a notepad file on my desktop.

here is the image on my desktop


This is a better solution to open every file, software in your desktop

Change the path and you can open every software you want.

Good idea, don’t know if it’s the best but if it does the trick… :stuck_out_tongue:

With this solution i run without any problem software, files in my desktop, it’s a simple solution that work.