Deploy UI vision on server

I am looking to create an application that I want to run 24/7. I know there is an option for running the UI vision macro 24/7 on work computer but I was wondering if there’s anything like running the script continuously on server? Like deploying an app on server. Does anyone has any thoughts or experience with running UI vision on server?
Thank you.

If you use a windows server you can use a batch or powershell file, with linux i think Powershell.

Remeber is not easy have a macro running 24/7 a macro can fails and need a solution to unlock browser when a macro is stucked.

I create micro macro, and i run macro of max 5 minutes, after i close browser and restart it again to prevent macro fails and block of the browser.

Here info

@newuserkantu Thank you so much for your response. I am very confused by what you mean by ‘windows server’. Is it possible to just do it on computer with windows operating system?

It’s possible in every machine with ui vision installed in browser.

Here all infos

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There is also a chapter just for running the RPA software 24/7 :slight_smile:

Important: If you are using real user simulation commands (XClick, XType) the PC or server desktop needs to be unlocked.

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@newuserkantu When you say you run macro of max 5 minutes and restart it again do you mean you do that using scripts or is there a way to put a constraint on max runtime on ui vision without the need to create script using tools like python/powershell.

I use batch file and a taskill to prevent freezing of browser for windows.

After hundred of macro starting sometimes ui vision can be stucked, in thise case taskkill close browser and restart again the work.

When browser is freezed any command of ui vision can’t work.