Demo files not visible in local storage (Google Chrome)

Hello again, Happy Holidays to everyone! Btw.

The topic says it all, I can’t ‘see’ the demo macros that are installed with Ui-vision when I view the extension’s background page according to the directions given.

I’ve gone over this very carefully. ‘I always try to puzzle this stuff out before asking’.

Just to be clear, I opened the dev tools in the CHROME Browser via the extensions page as instructed and loaded the Background HTML page using the indicated link again as shown.

The applications tab was selected again as shown in the instructions given.

There is nothing visible, however, the demos are there! I can see and run them from the UI-Vision RPA and even export them using copy and paste from the Source View (JSON) tab.

Things I have tried.

I completely uninstalled UI-Vision and reinstalled it, NO change the demos are still not visible in my local storage.

I also have installed UI-Vison on a copy of Chrome in a virtual machine. (I thought that perhaps another extension might be causing the issue.)

Still nothing, And on the most recent version of Google Chrome with NO other extension installed.

Frankly I am stumped.

Since UI.Vision RPA Version 4 and later we changed the macro storage from local storage to the chrome.fileSystem API:

Use the chrome.fileSystem API to create, read, navigate, and write to the user’s local file system. With this API, Chrome Apps can read and write to a user-selected location. For example, a text editor app can use the API to read and write local documents. All failures are notified via chrome.runtime.lastError.

We made this change to add folder support.

chrome.fileSystem stores all files a special location on the user’s hard drive where Chrome itself manages the files. We still call this “Local Storage” since everything is managed by the browser extension, and once you uninstall the extension the data is gone - just like with the “real” Local Storage. Thus chrome.fileSystem should not be confused with the hard-drive mode (XModules) storage mode that allows you to store macros on the normal file system.

:point_right: How to view the files stored by chrome.fileSystem:

The easiest way is to go the the extension page, find the UI.Vision RPA extension, click on its background.html link, and then open the developer tools.

In the developer tools, go to “Console” and type:

fs.list('/macros/Demo/Core').then(data => console.log(data))

and voilà, there is the data:

You also find the data deep inside Google Chrome’s appdata folder with any file explorer software (e. g. Windows File Explorer or Total Commander). The exact location is of course different between Windows, macOS and Linux. The screenshot below shows Windows:

PS: I updated the local storage page with a comment about the chrome.fileSystem and a link to this answer.