Delete Global variables in command


I am running a lot of test cases and for debugging purpose I use Global variables in order to be able to reimport a specific test case and start from failing command with all variables created in the previous steps (since if I not using Global variables all variables are lost after reimport of the test case). But I do not need to share variables between test cass so I would like to remove all Global variables manually after the last step of a test case.

Obviously there is no command which provides such functionality but I am wondering if it is possible to e.g. execute JS in order to remove Global variables. I could not find the values in the DOM so I guess all JS content is stored in the local storage of the Browser, right? Did someone know any solution for this case?


Very fast and easy way to delete all global variables is closing browser and RPA and reopen it.

You can automatically close and reopen browser via command line.

An alternative solution can be use store and save a new value for every global variable.

Thank you for your reply. I used the legacy selenium ide in the past and here I could just create the object storedVars again and the object was overwritten (or at least a new object was created) so that would be cool for me to do that also here.

Related to your answer yes, if I am running my test cases via command line I would close and reopen the browser anyway and this would end up in resetting the global variables. But for now I start test cases through the browser tab.