Delete csv from csv manager (html5 storage) remain empty line


I tried to delete all data of a csv from csv manager inside kantu but this cause after csvSave an empty line.

I deleted all line of csv, after i extracted from a websites and saved in csv with csvSave this is the result.



Do you see the same issue in Kantu for Chrome?

Hi @admin

I have NOT Kantu on Chrome at this moment.

I have Firefox with Kantu only and deleting csv with csv manager of Kantu remain first line empty (number 1) when i extract Kantu automatically start from line 2 becase think line numer 1 contain values.


This sounds like a bug and we will test this further.

But there is a good workaround: If you switch to harddrive file mode, you can edit the CSV files directly in any text editor.

Thanks @admin
I know harddrive file mode i use it too.

Have a nice day