Data Extraction and Pasting

Subject: Need Assistance with Macro for Data Extraction and Pasting

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. I am currently working on a project that involves automating tasks using the extension for Google Chrome (previously known as Kantu). I have successfully created some basic macros, but I am facing a challenge with a specific task.

My goal is to extract data from one webpage (GC = main CRM ) and then paste it into corresponding fields on another webpage (Myman = new CRM) . I would greatly appreciate your assistance in achieving this task using the best commands available in

Here are the steps I’m looking to automate:

  1. Open the source page from which I want to extract data. The source page is different for every folder, so I need to change link for every folder (is not a problem if i can’t automate this fonction)
  2. Use the ‘storeText’ command with appropriate selectors to extract specific data elements from the page. But it’s difficult to select the specific data (for exemple in a Google Sheet I can’t select a specific data (like A2, on those CRM is the same problem, so I can I do ?
  3. Open the target page where I want to paste the extracted data.
  4. Use the ‘sendKeys’ command to paste the extracted data into the corresponding input fields on the target page.

I have already tried using the mentioned commands, but I am unsure if I am using the correct selectors or if there might be better commands for this specific task. Any guidance, examples, or tips on how to improve the macro would be highly appreciated.

If anyone has experience with or has encountered a similar use case, your insights would be immensely valuable. Thank you all for your time and support.

Looking forward to your kind help.

Best regards,

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The work to be performed shouldn’t be difficult but you have to use a csv to extract the data. using Google Sheet is very complicated and makes automation very difficult
So you have to export Google Sheet data to csv and then use it in the macro as csv

I think I took a bad example with google sheet.

To extract the data from GC, I have to copy it first. The problem is that it opens a pop-up for most folders with data. I need an intermediary between GC and Myman that allows me to centralize data copied from GC and then copy it to Myman.

How can I set this up?

don’t use sendKey to paste data into a form field.
The right command is “type” I believe.