Custom OCR space api

Under my current UI Vision RPA personal account, I don’t have enough OCR online for my needs. The other features/OCR api limits in Pro or Enterprise either don’t match my needs or are cost prohibitive, especially since I’m just trying to up my online OCR limit.

Is there a way to input my own api key into UI Vision RPA for OCR requests?

Have you tried using the free local OCR feature of Ui.Vision?

I have and it works great for a lot of my uses!

But for processing certain types of grainy pdfs, like in my most recent project, it really struggles to accurately spot things. I really can’t justify spending for the higher tier (I’m on personal with a limit 250/day) of UI Vision as it’s also fairly limited for online ocr, especially since I want to do multiple OCR Relative Extracts per pdf, which can quickly add up.

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Hi, this is not yet possible, but it is acutally a very good feature suggestion. I will suggest it to the Ui.Vision team and make sure they implement it soon :grinning:

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