Custom OCR for RPA software

If I purchase the UI Vision Pro enterprise pro plan, is there an option and instructions on how to use an external ocr software such Google’s Open Source OCR software (Tesseract)?

Although it would be easier to use their own, you can call a 3rd party API by using XRun

Tesseract is free and open-source, but the OCR quality is low compared to OCRspace. I tested it with many screenshots and the result was never good or useful. Especially low dpi images and/or “non-white” backgrounds are challenging for Tesseract. It works ok for 300 dpi PDF scans and books. But for RPA I do not recommend to use it.

If you need local OCR, consider using the local ocr server option.

In addition to @User9898 and @ulrich:

If you need to connect to a specific OCR system like Abbyy, Baidu, Google OCR or Textract, this can be done as part of our Enterprise RPA support. Just contact us to discuss.