csvSaveArray overrides existing file

The docs are not clear on this.
From trial and error i have figured that the csvSaveArray is completely override existing file in each iteration.

Is it a defect or by design?

Yes, i know, that i can generate a Complete 2D Result array and write it to a file at once.
However, in this case, if the macro is crashed, I am loosing entire result data set.

If i can save the array after each iteration of the macro. not all the results will be lost.

Hi, you can use a new file for every save action, or?

cannot use a Multiple files.
I have found a work around.
After each iteration, i am adding a new element to an existing 2D array and writing a result into a CSV.
This way, every time the file is getting overridden, however, the Array is increasing its size

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