csvSave !csvLine automatically added quotes


Is there really no workaround to remove the automatically added quotes to csv file when the added text contains commas or newlinefeeds?

My idea is to save the clipboard content (which is already separated using commas) to csv file and then read the data from there but it doesn’t work because the automatically added quotes.

my clipboard content: cat,dog
csv output: “cat,dog” (instead of cat,dog)


store | ${!clipboard} | !csvLine

csvSave | test |

csvRead | test |

type | id=xxx | ${!COL1} → output: cat,dog (because of automatically added quotes) → desired output: cat

type | id=yyy | ${!COL2} → no output because of automatically added quotes → desired output: dog

If you save in hard drive you can run a batch file to remove all quotes, after macro scraped you run a batch file and remove all quotes.

You cah use the command xrun to run softare


With javascrpt you can edit the data saved in csv before use in macro (split, replace or remove part).