csvSave - 1MB file "too large to load"?

Hi there, love Kantu so far, great work everyone!

I setup a simple macro to copy log text from a browser window into a CSV. I have Kantu set to store on HDD instead of browser memory. Works great until the file reaches 1.1mbs - then it crashes! I get this error:

[error][fatal] log9am.csv: File too large to load

If I change the storage type to browser, the file can make it to just under 200Mbs before the tab crashes and is unrecoverable. Naturally I’d like to have the file written to the HDD where the file size limits are naturally higher.

How do I increase allowed CSV file size written to HDD to something usable, say 500mbs?


Kantu has currently a 1 MB file size limit:

Hi with firefox there is a low limit, with 861 kb show the alert, see the image

Why with 861 kb show the limit ?


Firefox 68.3.0esr ui vision 5.3.7 Windows 7 Italian

Macro show error

  • [error][ignored]

lead_campaigns_database.csv: File too large to load

But csv is 861 Kb not 1 MB why this error ?

I am not sure about the 861kb limit, but it seems you are still using the older XModule version.

Since RPA XModules V2019-8 UI Vision can store and read unlimited CSV file sizes :slight_smile:

Yes admin i use xmodules 201905 because the latest xmodules will not detected by ui vision for firefox (xmodules not detected) and i must to use xmodules 201905 to bypass this problem.

I can not use xmodules 201908 for not detect problem and firefox cpu 100%.