[CsvRead/Save]Error CsvRead file after use CSVSave

When I try to store !csvLine to CSVFile using csvSave, kantu auto create new line at the end of file.

After that when I use csvRead to read last row(by csvReadMaxRow) from CSV File I saved before. Last row blank.

How to remove newline when use csvSave?

Not sure what is the question here. But here are two random answers.

csvRead after you added the line to refresh the values and then set !csvReadLineNumber to !csvReadMaxRow and csvRead again. Should work.

After csvSave the !csvLine is written to the file and “carriage is set to a new line”. Remove is not an option with Kantu. Just add and read.

!csvReadMaxRow do not read last blank row

But if you want can edit !csvReadMaxRow value with storeeval and apply !csvReadMaxRow - 1 and save in !csvReadMaxRow again the new value.

!csvReadMaxRow is supposed to be read only. But anyways what exactly that would do?

I will try this solution Thanks

You can edit the value saved in !csvReadMaxRow in another var and after use these value in !csvLine

I choice every line I need in csv without problem

With !csvReadMaxRow you have the last line value that you can save in another var

With storeeval edit the value of var (apply -1)

Use csvline with the new var value to have the prefered line number.