csvRead Loop Help

Hi there, I have made a macro and it uses csvRead to copy column 1 (Col1) and paste into a website form. But I would like to run the macro as a Loop and on each loop copy the next csv column (Col2) and paste into the form, and so on (Col3, Col4, Col5 etc).
How do I do this?

Here solution

At end of every loop you must add this command

executeScript_Sandbox | return Number (${!csvReadLineNumber} ) + 1; | !csvReadLineNumber

When I place the following in my macro:

“Command”: “executeScript”,
“Target”: “return Number(${!csvReadLineNumber})+1”,
“Value”: “!csvReadLineNumber”

And run macro as Loop 1-3, it executes the Loop 3 times.

However, Loop 2 & 3 does not input any csv data into the form, just blank.

In my first Loop, I am using

“Command”: “csvRead”,
“Target”: “file1.csv”,
“Value”: “”
“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “id=id-message”,
“Value”: “${!COL1}”

To input next csv value I changd: “Value”: “${!COL2}”
But I would like to have a loop to automatically input col1, col2, etc
How to?

Is it true that can only loop through ROWS but not COLUMNS?

Ok, I solved it. I had to reformat my .csv file making each csv value on own ROW. The error was that the original .csv file had all values on single ROW and comma separated (OK for csvRead command, but not for our Loop using csvReadLineNumber change command).