csvRead issue in Storage Mode "File System (on hard drive)"

Hi everybody,
I have a problem formatting my csv file with commas in it correctly.

My fields should be filled as follows:

field1: A
field2: B
field3: C,D,E

So this is how I do my csv file:

A,B,“C, D, E”

I’m working in Storage Mode “File System” and it it seems to me, that kantu is changing the csv, while accessing it. When I look at the csv preview in the browser extension it looks like this:

“A,B,”“C, D, E”""

This doesn’t work.

One solution I found was to first change the storage mode to browser and then importing the csv.
But this is crap. I simply want to use my hard drive folder.
Any recommendations?

Kantu is not changing the csv file with csvRead. If it did, that would be a bug. But I tested it and all worked ok in my test:


csv content:

hi, test,"ok,all,great"
aaa, bbb,"ccc,ddd,eee"

Test macro:

      "Name": "csv",
      "CreationDate": "2019-2-1",
      "Commands": [
          "Command": "csvRead",
          "Target": "testabc.csv",
          "Value": ""
          "Command": "echo",
          "Target": "loop=${!loop} - col1=${!col1}  - col2=${!col2}  - col3=${!col3}",
          "Value": "blue"

ok…good to know. but i still have the same problem. as long as i can change the csv in kantu it’s not a very big problem.

so just for you to see. first picture my csv. second the csv in kantu

test1 test2

From the screenshot, the CSV format is not correct. Even in the spreadsheet it is displayed wrong.

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thank you, i knew, that i would do some kind of stupid mistake. i didn’t work with csv before and thought that i’d have to type it in like this.