csvRead error: Number of columns is inconsistent on line

Hello, my first post here, my first macro, and newbie to ui.vision.

I am trying to use a csv file in my macro. However, I am getting this error:
[error] Line 35: Number of columns is inconsistent on line 6

On line 35 I have csvRead command,
on line 36 I would like to type line 1 of csv
but it looks at line 6. why is?
I import file1.csv into UI.Vision RPA 6.0.6 Firefox extension.

My macro is simple, it logs into a webpage, clicks a few buttons, and finally fills in a form using file1.csv, row1.

Can anybody advise me?

Your csv is wrong, create a correct csv with all line with the same amount of columns

This is not a bug, is a bad csv

You are amazing, a Gentleman, A scholar, and you solved my problem. Google Sheets exported my .csv in a strange format.

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