Csv read problem

i use it to read csv file and submit a form
it find the csv file but when i set click and type in the value i use {{$COL1}}
but it is not type anything
it is not read the first colum
what i have to set ?

Sorry, the documentation was not updated for this command yet. Since the last release, the correct syntax for internal variables is ${!COL1} (= same format as we use for Kantu).

its not working fo me

But I guess now the error is that it can not find the CSV file? You need a full path to the CSV file in Set - ReadCSV (and not just namesandemail.csv)




${!FOLDER.DOWNLOAD}namesandemail.csv <== this looks in the SeeShell Download folder

if it not find the csv it gives error
i try all the ways and its not working.
It read the csv but it not type the col1

is anyone here to help me ?

yes :frowning:

I confirmed that this is a problem in SeeShell Desktop Automation. It works fine in the SeeShell Browser. So this is a bug, and we will fix it with the next update early September.

Meanwhile you can use the API to achieve the same (read CSV via API).

did you fix that ? i wait the new update …

The update last Friday was “only” for SeeShell Browser. This fix will be part of the regular September update.

Meanwhile here are links to scripts that do the same, using the API:

The samples work with SeeShell and SeeShell Browser.


Any news on this.

Love the program, but am having the exact same problem and unfortunately am limited to desktop Seeshell as I absolutely have to use Internet Explorer for what I’m doing.

I saw the message on the API but, not being versed in this type of coding I have no idea how to actually use it so I’m stuck

This issue should be fixed by now, the change log says:

I’ll have a look, although I downloaded it and reinstalled today hoping it would be fixed.

But thanks for the heads up. I’ll give it another look.

As Ulrich said, this issue should be fixed meanwhile. If you still see problems, please let us know!

Hi,yes, it reads it now and fills the form, which is great.

i’m still struggling a bit to get the macro to loop and read the next lines in the csv file utilizing the desktop version editor so that I can automate multiple queries of the same form.

If you can point me to a resource for that it would be great. I’m digging through the site also, but haven’t hit on it yet.


Never mind. Figured it out.

Thank You!

Hello, do these readCSV variables also function using the “Type” command? I have a Type command to enter text ${!COL2} and it isn’t pulling from the CSV, it is just entering the text "{!COL2}.

Earlier in the macro I successfully use ${!COL1} in an open URL command. Is there a bug preventing it from working for Type?

I’m having the same issue. Can’t get it work at all in browser automation. @TechSupport

I am having trouble getting data from the input file to populate on a form as well.
“Type”: “TypeText”,
“Text”: “${!COL1}”

This doesn’t seem to work. Is it a bug, a problem with my file, something else?

I believe that you have a defect when sending text from the CSV file. If I ClickType the data from the CSV file displays as expected.

Scenario: Cursor is on enabled field,
“Type”: “TypeText”,
“Text”: “${!COL1}”

this doesn’t seem to work
“Type”: “Image”,
“Mode”: “TypeAndImage”,
“Image”: “testclicktype.png”,
“ConfidenceLevel”: 0.5,
“Value”: "${!COL1}