CSV Import - Set each column as a variable to later enter as a value in a webpage search bar


I have a CSV which I’ve imported in to a macro with 3 Columns (client_number, client_name, client_name_boolean).

I have started my macro with the first step being a csvReadArray and can see that there is a single large variable now with all the data in the following format for each row [[a,b,c], [a,b,c], [a,b,c]…[a,b,c]]

For context I have 1,000 rows of data in this test file and c30,000 which will be used in production

I then OPEN and url with the web address target successfully, then TYPE command with target type // id=searchField.

…the value should be c (the 3rd column containing client_name_boolean from my CSV.

I have no idea what to type in the value to achieve this and feel I must have missed a step in assigning value, or specifying which row I’m at (with a future loop in mind).

Any guidance greatly appreciated please.



Hi, the macro DemoCsvReadArray is a good example for the csvReadArray command. It shows you how to loop over the array and access the array fields.

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