Csv help! immediate help needed

Good Morning, I am working on a project and I need to read distinct values from a CSV, each line of the CSV has several variables that will be used throughout my run-through of a form to complete the form.

The unfortunate thing is that due to the way in which my form was constructed, I have to use key commands to select distinct values from a drop-down menu. So I essentially am using the CSV to read the directional key commands (up, down, enter, etc) then type them so that I can navigate to the correct field from the drop-down and select it.

I am having a hard time understanding the context of the csvRead documentation as on the TYPE command argument lists “id=” as the target which I cannot find any explanation on how to program the target “id=”.

I have several hundred lines to write using the script as a loop. So I need to be able to read the data from line 1, execute the script and complete its tasks, then fill out a whole new form with the data from line 2.

Once I firgure this out I can finish my project.

the type command xtype have different syntax, which one are you using?

  • type | locator of the element | text

  • xtype | text (keytrokes go to whatever element has the focus)