CSV files containing Chinese cannot be read using csvRead

Hello everyone, I am a new user, I have some questions about csvRead.
Using csvRead cannot read csv files containing Chinese, the same macro English and numbers are not problematic. I tried changing the encoding of the csv file but it didn’t work.
I exported a csv file containing Chinese content through Export as ZiP (json, img & csv) and found that it was also garbled
I’m using the latest version of Firefox and win11
test.zip (1.2 KB)
Original CSV file:
test.7z (473 Bytes)

Ui.Vision supports Unicode and can read Chinese without problems. The issue is with your file and its encoding. I tried to open your file in Notepad++ and even there I have a problem:


I made a small test file for you. Try this CSV file in Unicode, it works:

chinese.zip (194 Bytes)

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Thank you very much for your help, I am now using the execl2007 version and the problem was solved after updating to sp3