CSV file holding client information, how to search this data and fill specific web-fields

Hi There,

I would appreciate any feedback greatly. By no means am I set on anything and would accept any new ideas. I have a CSV file holding client information. Each client has a unique client ID.

I want to write a macro where I can essentially have a search field(s) in the CSV (the input would be client ID). The idea would be I would be able to pick chich clients I want the macro to search in my dataset to then run.

So, when I run the macro, I would direct it to a website that has form fields and it would pre-fill these fields with the information in the CSV (only using the clients that I previously included in the search field area). So if client A wast he only client inside the “selection area” of the CSV, then it would only search the next sheet for client A.

*** If column B of the CSV was company name I would reference the “company name” field on the webform to client A > column B*row.

It would then loop once the form is completed and do the next client in the search field area if applicable.

Essentially, I just don’t know if this is possible, how hard this is to create, and would pay someone to help me learn. I have a base understanding of UI.Vision, I use it to pay my rent and understand how to input the text within the macro, but I need this to be more variable based off of text in a CSV (or even better GoogleSheet). I just don’t know how to search in an outside CSV, based on a unique id, and then to loop it.

Please any help would be super appreciated!


The macro is not easy but wit time it’s possible to create it.

Ui vision can NOT search in csv (have not command to do this) but you can compare value of csv with variables and with if command you can decide the operation to start.

In my opinion this is an advanevd macro need more time to find the best way.