Creating an ARRAY (and FOREACH ) seems to be messed up since 7.0.11

In Chrome (possibly other browsers):
Creating ARRAYS seems to be messed up. Therefor the FOREACH is not working either:

  "Command": "executeScript_Sandbox",
  "Target": "return ['Hello','Bonjour','Hi'];",
  "Value": "A1",
  "Description": ""
  "Command": "forEach",
  "Target": "A1",
  "Value": "myAi",
  "Description": ""
  "Command": "end",
  "Target": "",
  "Value": "",
  "Description": ""

creates this variable content now:

Error: target must be an array

Yes, this is a known issue. executeScript_Sandbox can no longer return arrays.

=> The solution is to use executeScript instead.

Thank you for the super quick response. That resolved the issue.

I have one more question:
I changed ALL my executeScript_Sandbox to executeScript calls. And Not only those that would use arrays. I do use some complex javascripts for calculation. Does using the “executeScript” command now means that those javascript might not run across all browser platforms, as “executeScript” uses the browser’s javascript engine, and they might be implemented slightly different from browser to browser?