Creating a Automation Program

Hello Everyone, I am an Ex Service Veteran and I am not good at programming. For my Rats of Tobruk Project, I am seeking assistance to write a small program, that can automate the finding of a Service Number and evaluating a specific condition. If the condition returns True, perform a specific task.
I will show what I have laid out in my simple terms, and ask the question - does this make sence to anyone and is there someone who may like to assist me.
Best Regards
Owen Carlton
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Sorry - I pressed the Enter Buttion too soon. Here is what I intended to add to the previous message.
Automate Finding Service Records

  1. I produce a List from my National Rats of Tobruk Database, consisting of two (2) Columns – Service Number and NAA.
    a) Service Number will contain the List of Service Numbers to be found and evaluated.
    b) NAA will initially be Blank, but will be changed to (Y) if a Condition is found “True” for the Loaded Service Number.
  2. Open Browser (Firefox or Chrome)
    a) Browse to ( )
    b) Set Button to “List Report”
    c) Click Tab = “Basic Search”
  3. From Excel Service Number List, Enter the first “Service Number” in the Pad = “Keywords” and Press “Enter” or Click “Search”
    a) If the Column “Digitised Item” is Blank – Loop Back – load the next Service Number from the Excel Service Number List.
    b) If the Column “Digitised Item” shows a Document Icon or Other Content, Condition = True – Go To Excel Service Number List, and show “Y” in the NAA Column, for the Loaded Service Number.
  4. On the Web Page, Click “New Search” and Load the next Service Number and Repeat for each Service Number, till the end of the Excel Service Number List.
  5. When the Service Number List is completed, Save the Excel File to Desktop/ROTWEB/Service Number NAA Test.
    (ROTWEB is a Folder on my Desktop)

Best Regards
Owen Carlton


Your request is too confusing before creating an automation you have to study well even taking days the easiest and most well organized road otherwise you will waste so much time and your automation will malfunction and give so many flaws.

Start by creating a macro that does only one job, after you do only one job well, add a second job in the same automation and so on otherwise you won’t be able to create a good project.