Copyfish pro features

Hi guys! I tried the copyfish Firefox extension. It is great and I was interested in its pro features, but I read that the pro version is no longer available. So are the pro features lost forever and not usable or is there a way to enable them?

A key part of the PRO plan (the better OCR quality!) is now part of the free version :slight_smile:

Another popular part (the integrated translation feature) is currently not available. As a replacement, we added a button that directly opens the text in Google Translate or Deepl.

Oh i see. Yes the integrated translation was the feautures i was interested in. Not a big deal, i will continue to use the shortcuts for google translate and deepl. Thanks for the reply!

both new free OCR does not cach script written english like the PRO
and also does not capture hebrew
and the Ocr is not half as arcuate as the PRO