CopyFish OCR desktop not working on Macbook Sonoma 14

CopyFish worked fantastically on a Macbook Intel chip. Now I’m trying to use it on Macbook M2 running Sonoma 14, and the desktop feature doesn’t work. It always captures a black box. I understand that the application needs permissions in order to work. I was never prompted.

I found the installation here; /Library/uivision-xmodules/2.2.2/xmodules/

but it doesn’t do me any good–if I try to explicitly add an app to the permissions list for Files and Folders or for Accessibility, the mac refuses to show the xmodules folder

Does CopyFish work for anyone on an M2 with Sonoma?

Copyfish and the XModules work well on Sonoma. => Did you set the Mac privacy permissions correctly?