Copyfish: not working on 'm3u8' player add-on

I want to recognize characters in videos
and I’m using the HLS-player add-on…
‘HLS.js Playback’ to play HLS video urls ‘natively’ in firefox.
But if the URL in the tab starts with
the copyfish OCR doesn’t run when clicking on the copyfish symbol.
-Can you fix it?


’ HLS.js Playback’ -Link here :

m3u8 playlist here:

No browser extension can work on internal Firefox and Chrome pages. But with the free XModule native app you can use the desktop OCR feature on such a page:


If you use the desktop OCR feature often, I suggest you make it default. This avoids having to right-click the Copyfish icon:

Hi, I installed the XModule and now Copyfish is working with the ‘m3u8’ player. -Thank you.

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