Copyfish Message "Please install external Shutter program first"

Copyfish installed first, then UI.Vision RPA. Updated to the latest 2022a version.
When I try to use the desktop feature, then this message appears. On a second attempt, a red square appears in the related Copyfish options section, prompting to install external Shutter program. Shutter, per the Google search, is a screenshot program for Linux. It seems that I can’t have my offline desktop screens…
Bottomline, I can’t make anything from that. Hope for some insights, TYIA.


Shutter is a screenshot program for Linux. Copyfish uses it to grab the desktop screenshots for OCR. On Windows and Mac Copyfish can use built-in software to take screenshots, but on Linux we need to use this external program.

So you installed Shutter but Copyfish desktop OCR still does not work?

If so, what Linux flavor do you use?

My wrong. Actually I use Windows. that’s why the message seems off.
Is there a way to find if, by any chance, I installed a Linux version of the extension(s)?

Strange, on Windows this Linux message should not show. But from your screenshot it seems your XModules are installed ok.

=> What Windows version is this?

Windows 7 SP1. It’s exactly because I think too it should not show.

Ah, this is the reason. We no longer officially support Windows 7, and thus no longer test on it.

Desktop screenshots used to work in Windows 7, but it seems the latest version might have issues. But the web OCR feature of Copyfish is not affected by this.

Well, is there an older version which works on Windows 7?

Sorry, as we no longer officially support Windows 7, we no longer have the older downloads available.