Copyfish Extension Data Privacy

Hi Team,

Does Copyfish exclusively store the OCR-scanned data locally on the user’s device, or does it transmit any of this data to your servers or the cloud? Are there any instances where user data is accessed or used for purposes other than the intended functionality of the extension?

Understanding these aspects of data privacy is crucial for my company before I proceed with using Copyfish regularly. I highly value the protection of my company information and want to ensure that any tool I use aligns with our privacy preferences.

Thank you for your attention to this inquiry.

We recognize that privacy and security are paramount concerns for our customers and do not store anything at all. In more detail:

(1) For our cloud OCR option: => We do NOT retain any data whatsoever. All uploaded documents are promptly deleted after processing, ensuring that your data remains within our system only during the OCR processing itself. For further information, please refer to our privacy policy.

(2) For the XModule OCR option: This OCR is 100% processed on our machine!