Copy text from pdf or txt and paste to web form

I very often do a repetitive task which is about taking a pdf with multiple choice questions and uploading it to a web site.

I have no idea how to start and I would be grateful if some one can help me with the commands to change between the browser and document that holds and the text to be able to automate this task!

Very hard to do and require paid xmodules to bypass the limit of 25 commands to emulate keyboard for macro execution.

The solution it convert all pdf in text, create a csv and after you can automate it.

ok, what if I copy the text and then have it pasted on the web form field following an order? because the web form always has four fields to paste the text to…

ok i will try the csv option

I can auto fill with content on the input fields of the main window, but if click on a button to fill in the entire form then a sub window opens like this and I am not able to select the elements. (ui vision fails saying it doesnt find them) maybe its because is not actually a tab??

You must find good xpath to detect fields