Copy selectable text in pdf and paste it

I’m trying to automate several procedures for completing a task, but I think it would be best to solve this bit by bit. I need a little help, if someone can help me, for pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile:

The all process is a payment automation, combining several steps:

  1. From a website table list, I copy the value from one column that identifies the record
  2. Each record has a computer folder with one or more pdf files named: “(record number) pay (1, 2, 3…).pdf”. These pdf files have a table with 2 columns, where on the left it shows the name of the field and on the right the value itself. The 2 important rows are the payment reference and the payment value. These pdf’s are not images, they are pdf with selectable text.
  3. The payment reference on the pdf is shown as: xxx(space)xxx(space)xxx(space)xxx
  4. On the bank side, I have a field for the description, where I add the reference number I took from the website list
  5. I have to add de payment reference that’s on the pdf on a sequence of field boxes: 3 digits for each. Everytime I fill one of the input boxes it (tabs) goes to the next one. I can’t copy the all reference and paste it.
  6. After, I fill the payment value, that’s also on the pdf

There are more steps to it but I think it’s better to solve a problem at a time and join all at the end…
Can enyone give me a hand?
Thanks in advance.

Have you seen the demo macro “DemoPDFTest_with_OCR”? I think this gives a good starting point for this project.

Thank you. I thought i didn’t need to use ocr since it’s not an image. We can select the text from the pdf. But if that’s the only way, i’ll give it another look