Copy multiple rows at the same time

I have to start with a big thank you for an extremely useful tool that I use everyday in my work nowadays.

I have a suggestion that I would like to share.
It would be really helpful to be able to mark and copy more than one row at the same time.
Is that maybe something that could be implemented in future updates?

Can uou add details because I don’t understand what you want to explain.

Ui vision executes commands sequentially so run 1 command at a time of any type, can’t execute multiple commands in same time.

Add detail about your request please

See clarification:


@admin This is a very good feature for ui vision

It’s very good to select and copy/delete multiple row in same time in ui vision windows.

I suggest to add a checkbox to select multiple row in ui vision windows and after in select apply command to the group of selected rows.

Change the title post in feature request and waiting admin


I totally agree that this would be very useful to have. It is on our todo list.

Workaround for now: Switch to the code view tab. There you can select several lines easily, since it is just JSON code in an editor.

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Nice to hear you agree that this is something actually useful and that it is on the todo list!
The workaround is already in full swing in my workflow. :wink:

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