Copy macros to Local storage and sync to html5 storage

After installed UI vision chrome extension, folder C:\Users<User Name>\Desktop\uivision\macros\Demo\XModules_Desktop would be created for Local Storage (in browser).

  1. Since we can only access 10 folers+macros in hard drive file system,if I use copy and paste new folder+macros to Local Storage (C:\Users<User Name>\Desktop\uivision\macros\Demo\XModules_Desktop) for execution, how we can we synchronize the Local Storage (in browser) to HTML5 Local Storage so that I can execute the macros?
  2. Do enterprise players can view and exceute all macros in File System (on hard drive) unlimitedly so that I can solve the issue in (1)?

Great coincidence, I just answered this here: deployment

  1. No way to sync macros that are in HTML5 storage between machines. But it is very easy with hard drive storage.

  2. Yes, the Enterprise Player has full hard-drive storage support