Copy Image in Base64 String

Is there any way to copy the image as a base64 string instead of downloading it, then somehow converting it to a base64 string?

What would be the purpose of this?

To get around an image captcha (instead of typing it manually), I have to send the image in base64 to a service to solve. Was wondering if there’s a way to do this…

To “download” an image that you can not download because the website prevents it, you can use OCRExtractRelative. Make the pink box around the captcha and the green box anything nearby as anchor => Now the _lastscreenshot image in the Screenshots tab has the image you need. Use hard-drive mode, then this image is directly on the harddrive. Now you can grab it from there and upload to any service or website.

See here: How to Scrape Pop-Up

Once you have the image, you can use e. g. XRunAndWait to run e. g. a Python script that does the base64 conversion (Similar to here: Allow user to select file name (Open file name picker dialog) - just instead of opening the file picker, you would do the base64 conversion and captcha breaking)

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