Copy data from excel sheet into web page and paste result from webpage into same excel sheet

I want to copy input data (single cell at atime) into my web tool and paste output result from tool to same excel sheet in output data colum infrom of same input data column. I am new on have less coding knowledge plz tell me how can I do this task in simple way (more easy with recording but it cant paste result in excel sheet) plz help me

Hello @kirti_pandit,

Automating data transfer between an Excel sheet and a web application can be achieved using UI.Vision RPA.
Use the Excel Application Scope activity in UI.Vision.
Specify the file path of your Excel sheet.
Use the Read Range activity to extract data from the desired cells. Store the output in a variable (e.g., outdt), which will be of type DataTable.
Open your web tool/application using UI.Vision.
Use desktop automation with keyboard emulation to interact with the web page. This involves simulating keyboard shortcuts and actions.
For each row in your outdt DataTable.
Copy the data from the Excel cell.
Paste it into the appropriate field on the web page.
Perform any necessary actions (e.g., clicking buttons, submitting forms).
After interacting with the web tool, retrieve the output result.
You can use UI.Vision commands like storeText, storeValue, or executeScript to capture the relevant information from the web page.
Use the Write Range activity to write the output result back to the same Excel sheet.
Specify the output data column corresponding to the input data column.
If your Excel sheet contains multiple headers, you’ll need to map each field from Excel to the corresponding location on the web page.
To handle more complex scenarios, consider using Execute_Script to fill specific fields on the web page.

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Hi, i have posted a solution in a other thread:

In my code, the CSV is first converted into an array => The completed line is deleted in the array => The array is saved back into the CSV

You could rebuild the script like this (after the csvSaveArray command) and save the information in the variable via storeText or similar, and then write this variable to the CSV via csvSaveArray.

where is the option?

I think it’s wiser to ignore that earlier comment. It looks like a chatGPT generated response. Another comment seem to have an answer (or at least a guidance) to your question

UI.Vision doesn’t really read excel files per se, only CSV files. CSV’s can be streamed or be read/written line by line, or be read/written as a whole represented by a 2D JavaScript array.