Copy choice between forms with different languages

So, I have a form in a website with multiple fields, that I’m copying and pasting info from into another similar form on another website.
One of the fields is a dropdown, on both sides, where we chose the Country name. Problem is they have different languagesa and the values are listed in alphabetical order, so I can’t choose “option number X”. How can I solve this the best way?

Example with same list, differentes languages and in alphabetical order:
Form 1 -> Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Stated of America, …
Form 2 -> Espanha, Estados Unidos da América, Itália, Portugal, …

Add an url od website otherwise it’s impossibile to know your problem.

Can’t, it’s private.
Maybe because i don’t know how to solve this i can’t see the necessity of showing the website. I’m asking for possible methods that i could try.
I think i could create some if clauses in order to create a relation between values but there are so many countries that i’m asking if there is a simpler way.

From what you write I can not understand the problem insert images where I see the problem and the operation of kantu otherwise I do not understand.

A macro needs to be studied and it takes a long time to find a solution.

Copy from one form to another the country selection, where dropdown choices are in different languages and order. I usually know how to copy form one fiel to another, the problem is making a correspondence between values with different languages, since the word itself is different and also the order of choices.

For Example:
Website one - > Dropdown Country = United States of America
Website two - > Dropdown Country = Estados Unidos da América
(same country but in different language)

These images don’t show the “united states of america” example but shows closed and opened dropdown
1rst dropdown


2nd dropdown


This is a complex macro to create , with if function you can do all.

In my opinion it is a long and complex job.

With javascript you can eleborate the data and convert it.