Copy and Paste technique

Put csv to clipboard and then paste it to target field in desktop application,

  1. Is it possible to use xclick and xtype only to do it. Any sample code for reference

  2. Do it by or SeeShell is simpler?

It is easy in UIvision:

  • XClick | locator of desktop box to paste into (xpath or image or OCR text) <= this is to set the focus on the right place
  • XType | ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_V}

See here: Copy Image from url and Paste into Whatsapp Web

Yes, it works for capturing url by OCR scenario

For another scenario, we have a csv. We can read it by csvread. Is it possible to please the datasets read to xType? It will run much faster than open the csv and then locate the path to capture data cell one by one? Hope you can get my point. Thanks.

I am not sure if I understand this question… but if the goal is to real ALL of the CSV at once, you can do this with the new csvReadArray - import your CSV into an array

The new command csvReadArray reads all CSV data at once and stores it in a 2-dimensional Javascript array. You can then access each element of the array with ${myCSV[row][column]}.

Yes, I can load the csv to the array. But the next step is to paste the array data to the desktop application. Seems it is not working by xtype at all.

  • XType | ${myCSV[row][column]}

Any point I missed?