Copy 2 or more consecutive lines at a point of time

  1. I created “Test Case 1” which have 29 lines in it.
  2. I am on “Test Case 2” and it needs 4 lines of data from “Test Case 1”

How to copy the 4 lines of data from “Test Case 1”. Currently i am able to copy 1 line only.

Expected: More than one line should be selectable and copyable.

Pl. guide me.

The best way to copy and paste (and edit!) many lines at once is the “Source View” tab of Kantu:


you are absolutely right but i do have a point here.
any software would be on no.1 only once it have all the feature whatever user can think of.

  1. Kantu is based on seleneum IDE and this option what we are discussing about is already available there.
    so it must have be in this software too.
  2. Most important is a user from non development background also be comfortable with it.

Thank you for understanding my point.

Together, we can make Kantu be a best tool in the market.

Thanksf for the feedback. I totally agree with your points - and in fact, multi-line copy and paste in table view is on our todo list for future updates. We just had no time to implement it yet, as we are busy working on some other cool features (more about that soon ;).

Many Thanks for understanding team.