Convert time format, use as variable

Hello again everyone!

Have another issue I’ve ran into. I am attempting to start a program, have it run for x amount of time and then close it. The time is a value that I pull from a table on a website. I am able to easily pull the value with storeText, but the table where I get the time displays the times like this:


(2 minutes and 9 seconds)

I need a way to convert this value into miliseconds in an automated fashion. I looked online for converters but I am having a very difficult time finding exactly what I’m looking for. Is there any good way to perform this task? I am not against pulling this value into another program if thats what it takes.

Basically I need to convert the value from that format into miliseconds to use as my “wait” time in UI Vision. UI Vision uses milliseconds.

Thank you for your time!


Use executeScript_Sandbox + some Javascript magic, similar to here: Change date +1 suggestions (Get tomorrows date)

Maybe this helps?