Continuing Next Steps in a Macro if an Error is Encountered

I have a macro that goes in 3 steps
1- Click button 1
2- Click button 2
3- Click button 3
Is there a way to skip to the next step if an error is encountered in one step? For example, button 1 is clicked, but button 2 is not there. I need the macro to skip the second step and continue with step 3.

Yes it’s simple need if_v2 with status ok

          "Command": "if_v2",
          "Target": "${!statusOK} == false",
          "Value": ""

Thanks newuserkantu for your reply. What if I have 10 steps, should I add if_v2 after each step? Or is there a way to impose this behavior on all the steps at once?

You must add a check after every step to know the status and with gotoif you can set the command to do in case of error

use a simple command:

      "Command": "store",
      "Target": "true",
      "Value": "!errorIgnore",
      "Description": ""

Put it on the top, before the first click. This way, if you have 10 steps, it doesn’t matter which one is error, it will execute all the 10 command.

Please try it and come back to tell me if it works or not.


Thanks @newuserkantu for your reply. That is really helpful.
Thanks @kolor_blind for your suggestion. You saved me millions of steps in all the marcos I have. It worked perfectly. I just had to adjust the timeout wait not to wait a while before moving to the next step.