Continue next loop is not working in settings

In Settings- continue next loop radio button is selected for “if error happens in loop”
but when it fails, it stops, it should go on unless until scripts end.

Correct me if i understood it wrong.

Hi Team, Any update on this?

“Continue in next loop” means that when something fails in the macro, it starts a new macro in the next loop. It does not complete the macro.

If you want that the macro runs to the end despite an error, use

store | true | !errorignore

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I have the same problem. Sometimes the website not responding, and the script fails with error. (for example: ‘clikAndWait’ failed. No page load detected after 10 seconds…) Waiting more is not a solution.
The !errorignore is also not a solution, becouse the page not loaded yet (buttons not responding)
Running the macro again leads to more errors. (if the script logs into a website with name and password, and the new webpage not loading properly, than the script starts agin, you can’t log in twice, etc…)
It would be better using an IF command when something error happens, and the script would jump back to a specified line of the script.
It that possible?

Update: i think, i found it! :wink: