Continue executing other steps if you are unsuccessful in locating a specific item

I have a doubt. How can I make the macro execute other lines of code in case an element is “present”?

For example,

The Macro detects that the “car” element is present therefore, it interrupts the flow and then executes other lines of code for specific actions.

I attach an example image.

You can check the result of every command by looking at the !statusOK variable:

This option I have used. But still I don’t get the result I’m looking for.

I think it has to do with something more conditional for example:

The car is present, well as the car is present I will execute other steps. Ah but the apple is present, in that case I will execute the steps for the apple and not for the car. since the car and the apple have completely different steps.

Why not? Maybe post a test macro with a public website.